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Ragweed elimination

The Budapest Sewage Works undertakes the reaping of green areas - where weed has proliferated. 

The Company has a considerable machine park. We have five automated hydraulic scythes that are suitable for any work areas with a 6-8 m boom extension. These machines perform the reaping of 20-22 thousand square meters an hour. 

A similarly high performance machine is splay reaping machine, which performs very well on splays of 45 degrees as well. The work width of the machines scythe is 200 centimetres. 

These machines are very efficient and thus save quite a lot of manpower hours. High performance machines cannot completely replace manpower. Therefore, our colleagues use motorized hand-scythes in locations where big machines cannot work.


Name: György Kovács
Phone: 476-1815, 476-1800
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